This form is use only for volunteerism program whose do only volunteering no travelling. We prefer participants come as a group back up with institution or organization but not excluded to private group. This program cost only U$ 200 per person/week( No pick up cost only 120 dollars/person)

Group information

Name of the group from institution/organization

Contact person (your role) Frist name Middle name
Last name

Gender Age
Nationality Occupation

Email Phone

Total number of group participants
Male Female

Information about program and arrival (Please specific the program) This program is only in Chiangdao area

(    ) One week program in Chiangdao area

(    ) Two weeks program in Chiandao area

Group arriving date/time and flight schedule (details about your flight information)

Arriving time/date/moth/year flight information

Departure time/date/moth/year Flight information

Expectation and requirements

Group expectation for the trip/program

Payment (Please deposit 50% advance 10 days prior arriving day for confirmation via Life Development Center PayPal account,remaining 50% please pay at the project site ). Thank you

Any notification about medication and dietary of the group (Anything we should know/prepare)

Remark ; Please attach all participants’ name and passport copy with this application form)

If you come on your own/individual fill only the information related to yourself

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