Volunteer and voluntourism programs

in each year, we have many different volunteer groups come to help us from different parts of the world. They join our outreach programs and assist with many different tribal communities’ needs. Many tribal communities in remote areas still need support. Some areas need clean drinking water, more housing, education, and farmland, natural resource conservation projects, etc. We welcome volunteers from. Volunteer on your own or in a group. Any contribution you could provide would be appreciated. Most of our projects helped completed by volunteers, volunteers are the main support for us for the last decade. We are looking for those who has volunteer spirit with service mind, respectful, helpful and keen to learn something new join our volunteer programs

Currently we have different types of volunteers programs

  1. Specialist volunteer program – this program we are looking for specialist volunteers to assist us for website developing, video production, fund raising, marketing, proposal and report writing etc. This program can be applied individual throughout the year we will consider case by case according to our need and volunteer knowledge, skills and experiences. Volunteer can work independently at home or at our office, our office is based in Chiangmai city but we don’t have room for volunteers, if volunteer would like us to arrange accommodation and food it cost u$ 300 per month per person
  2. Group volunteer – must apply as a group of 5-10 people through institution/organization backup or private. This program is long 1-4 weeks and we required volunteer help us to cover some organizing, coordinating, local logistic, meals and materials costs in amount of u$ 200 per person per week (If no pick up from Chiangmai cost only 120 dollars)
  3. Voluntourism program – this program is also required as a group at least 5 – 10 people, the program will be divided into two parts, you do volunteering work for the first half of the program and the rest will be travelling to different places. This program cost only u$ 250 per person per week, the cost covered meals, transportation, accommodation and excursion activities (If no pick up from Chiangmai cost only 180 dollars)

What you gain from joining our volunteering programs
1. You will learn cooking Thai foods without extra payment because we include half day of Thai cooking lesson for those who interested
2. You will learn about multi-cultures by visiting and interacting with different tribes/communities, there are many different hill-tribes communities near by the project site, and we will take you visit them
3. You will learn about local lifestyles by interacting with local people and being among them
4. You will learn about different farming styles or techniques by visiting villagers’ farms, and learn how to do an organic farming from us such as making compost, multiplying plants etc.
5. You will learn about Thai fruits from our organic farm which has more than twenty kinds of tropical fruit trees
6.You will also have organic fresh fruits from our an organic farm for free. There are different kinds of fruits all year around, many volunteers/visitors excited to see and pick them up by themselves

Through these programs you will support our organization, vulnerable tribal communities and environment conservation projects, you will also learned about multicultural and life styles, it’s very rewarding programs for traveler who would like to travel to the heart of Thailand. We have several kinds of fruits all year around, and will be provided for free to all volunteers.

We also would like to invite you to visit our organic garden and self-sufficient study center at Meakon village Chiangdao area, this project is located in the valley, nice view in the midst of the nature and surrounding by different tribal communities – Lisu, Lahu, Shan, Karen and Thai. In this garden we have more than 25 kinds of fruits trees and vegetables are available,, very quiet cottages and conference room are also available for you in the midst of the nature. You can also visit different tribal communities by walk or bike within 3 kilometers areas. To reach this place it takes only one and half hour drive from Chiang Mai to northwest close to Burma border, about 20 kilometers to Burma border. Tracking, bamboo rafting, hot spring water and national park are also available near by home stay

Life Development Center policy and regulations

We serve people with sincerity and friendliness by respecting human dignity and individual rights. We don’t want to offend people or cause harm to the environment, so please don’t cause any problems.

  • While you are staying here, please:
  • Be a good role model and ambassador
  • Present as good image and positive attitude , if your behavior and attitude negatively influence to others and host organization we reserved remove you from the program without refund
  • Be respectful to the royal family and local beliefs and cultures
  • Don’t drink alcohol or smoke at accommodations, (If you choose to drink elsewhere, be responsible)
  • Don’t bring or use illicit drugs, arms or weapons. Those who choose to engage to use, purchase or sale of illegal drugs will be treated as a serious matter by remove from the program without refund and inform to the police
  • Dress modestly: cover your shoulders and knees
  • No fighting
  • No stealing
  • No kissing and hugging in public (no PDA.)
  • Be nice and friendly
  • Be quiet after 9 p.m.
  • Keep all accommodations and restrooms clean
  • Be kind and courteous to each other
  • Please turn off all electrical appliances when you leave the room/house
  • Please take off your shoes before entering the house
  • If any participant failure to comply the policy and cased serious problem we will give verbal and writing notice for twice, then we reserves to remove those participant from the program without refund
  • All participant has responsible for taking care of their own valuable belonging, we will not take responsible for any damaging or lost of participant’s valuable belongings
  • We do the best to follow the schedule but due to uncontrollable conditions/incidents may cause some activity adjust or change from time to time so please be flexible

“Thank you”

“Where is will, there is way”

Here is a great way to raise fund for those who interested volunteering with us