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Come and stay with us and help make the world better than today

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Study, Volunteer, Intern and Teach Abroad | Go Overseas

Dear all volunteer friends please help us promote our volunteer programs by introduce your friends and family. And write some comments on www.gooverseas.com, www.idealist.org and Givingaway ... See more

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We have plenty of fruits, we miss all volunteers, we would like you to have these fresh fruits

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รูปภาพจากโพสต์ของ Thailand Life Development Center


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Volunteers from Italy and Farnce

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รูปภาพจากโพสต์ของ Thailand Life Development Center

Today fix mountain water supply system after hit by floods couple days ago

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A little help can make a big different

3 months ago

Once a life experience

Chiangmai University Mass Communication student volunteers at LDC project site in Chiangdao(คลิปเพิ่มเติมที่กลุ่มทำมาค่ะ ... See more

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A little of help can make a big change

3 months ago

It was rain that made plants grow not thunder

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รูปภาพจากโพสต์ของ Thailand Life Development Center

Beautiful place with many interesting to see and enjoy

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Integrated agriculture farm in Pai

Timeline Photos

  • Digging fish pond ISV International Student Volunteers

  • Our organic farm for those who love the nature come to visit us Why an organic farming is importance - an organic farming is alternative farming method to help protect environment degradation. Because the majority of farmers in Thailand are doing modern agriculture or intensive agriculture which depending on agro-chemical products such as pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizers which directly produce negative impacts on farmers or producers' health, consumers' health as well as environment such as soil or land, water, plants, animals and air.We need your support because not many people realized or concerned about the negative impacts from consuming agro-chemical contaminated foods

  • Thank you all friends come to help us.

  • Becareful

  • Sincerely appreciated for all you guys did for us

  • Hello all my best volunteers you are awesome

ISV May and June 2012

  • Good memeory photo

  • Listen to me guys seriously

  • Young Philanthropists and Enviromentalists

  • Forever friends

  • Good time for posture

  • Building water checkdams

  • Adaptation of culture

  • Planting trees along the valleys

  • Lisu ladies handicrafts

  • Lisu ladies singing

  • Building wall

  • Buiding flood protecting wall at LDC organic farm

  • A short break for chat

  • For wildlife and plants

  • Good time for group photo

  • Enjoying teaching at school

  • Having fun for teaching and playing with the school kids

  • For protecting soil erotion, retain water for dry season

  • Having fun with working as a team

  • This mountain is higher that sea level about 1600 meters

  • This is Karen community forest conservation area

  • Building water checkdams along the streams

BRAP August 2014

  • The multipurpose building in Pai is completed about 60% now with volunteers support

  • Thank you all volunteers who helped build this project. You are always welcome to stay here