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The Life Development Center aims to be a reliable organization working to ensure that vulnerable tribal people have good living conditions. We promote community health care, self-reliance and solidarity through a holistic development approach. We believe we cannot focus on improving human life while ignoring nature’s needs, and strive to harmoniously integrate community development and natural resource conservation. We work closely with communities to establish income-generating projects that will both increase tribal people’s success and preserve the environment.
The village community is constantly in need of donations of all kinds. See our group volunteer or individual volunteer application forms to get started. You can also come stay with us at our organic farm located in the hill tribes of Chiangdao Thailand. For information on our homestay click here. If you wish to show your support financially, we welcome donations through a trusted PayPal service here.


ISV May and June 2012

  • Good memeory photo

  • Listen to me guys seriously

  • Young Philanthropists and Enviromentalists

  • Forever friends

  • Good time for posture

  • Building water checkdams

  • Adaptation of culture

  • Planting trees along the valleys

  • Lisu ladies handicrafts

  • Lisu ladies singing

  • Building wall

  • Buiding flood protecting wall at LDC organic farm

  • A short break for chat

  • For wildlife and plants

  • Good time for group photo

  • Enjoying teaching at school

  • Having fun for teaching and playing with the school kids

  • For protecting soil erotion, retain water for dry season

  • Having fun with working as a team

  • This mountain is higher that sea level about 1600 meters

  • This is Karen community forest conservation area

  • Building water checkdams along the streams

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